Plant Based Proteins + Superfoods


Rejuvin8tion has been designed with plant based proteins and superfoods to support nutritional intake. 

Research has shown that even small increases in plant based protein and fibre can lead to numerous health benefits especially for the cardiovascular and digestive systems. 

The product has been formulated with added superfoods to further vary nutritional intake – ingredients like shiitake mushroom, astragalus, coconut mcts have been added to help with nervous and immune system support.

Many protein powders on the market contain dairy or dairy products together with artificial sweeteners – Rejuvin8tion contains neither. 

Rejuvin8tion is vegan friendly and is also free from added soy.

Rejuvin8tion contains organic pea, brown rice and hemp protein.

The pea and rice proteins have been produced using sprouting and fermentation processes which naturally release the protein without the need for solvent extraction. 

The combination of these three plant based proteins delivers 14 -15g of quality protein per serve. 

It is a wellness protein powder for 2020 which has been formulated to support wholistic health.

Rejuvin8tion plant based protein has been designed to be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet - it is not intended as a sole source of nutrition.

It is not recommended in pregnancy or breastfeeding.

If pregnant or breastfeeding always consult with a health care practitioner before taking any supplement or nutritional product.